Alert cases of child abduction in Piura, how to prevent?

child abduction

Less than a month ago, a Piura mother told of her terrible experience when she almost lost her baby due to an attempted kidnapping, in the Miraflores neighborhood of the district of Castilla.

Through social networks, Carola Zevallos recounted the moment of terror she experienced while breastfeeding her youngest child in the back of her car.

“A man holding my baby and pulling him tight, I hugged my baby and started screaming desperately.”

The woman said that-fortunately-the man released him and fled the area.

Several users spoke about it through social networks. Some warned that the same situation occurred in the AH Santa Rosa, of Twenty-sixth of October.

How to prevent?

Although no parent wants to think about the possibility that their child might be the victim of a kidnapping, it is important to take preventive measures to teach children to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  1. Never leave your child alone in the car, even if it is a ‘little minute’ to pick up an order or make a quick purchase. Every occasion is profitable for criminals.
  2. If you take him to school, try to go with time and be well enough to accompany him to the door. If it is not possible, in any case, keep an eye on the school, do not take it for granted.
  3. When lowering the children of the car, remove them better by the side of the path; and, if you lower one while taking out the other, do not place it behind you, out of sight.
  4. Tell him not to open to strangers. Do not leave your child alone at home, never! But if he is alone, tell him not to open the door to anyone. Not even the neighbor or the one in the store.
  5. Make sure you know your full name, address and phone number as soon as you can memorize this information. If you go to crowded places, you can paint your cell phone number on your forearm.
  6. Teach your child to scream. Your child should learn to ask for help and should make as much noise as possible in case a stranger tries to kidnap him. That fear does not paralyze you in the first moments with a stranger may depend on your luck.
  7. Tell him that he must trust his instincts and that if something raises suspicions, he should get away as soon as possible. If you are old enough to understand it and use it properly, self-defense classes are not superfluous.
  8. Teach you how to make emergency calls or close family members. It is important that you do not trust all of your options for mobile phone contacts. All children should memorize at least three or four phones of people or places of trust as family or school.
  9. Remind him that he should never approach an adult he does not know without your permission, especially if that person is in a vehicle.
  10. Teach him to always be accompanied by a friend and not leave the group when he is with his friends.
  11. Explain to your child what information is private. Tell your child that the names, address and how many people are in the house are things you should never say. Sometimes adults fall into this trap and provide information to a stranger by phone, children are also vulnerable. This advice should also be addressed in the use of the Internet.
  12. Learn to listen to your child. If he tells you that he does not want to be with a certain person, find out what the reason is, pay attention to his behavior. In general, children are “transparent” and parents can detect when something unusual happens to them if they are attentive.

Children’s traffic network

Child trafficking is not a myth anywhere in the world, much less in our region. Recently, they arrested Cintia Carolina Tello Preciado (32) , a native of the Pariñas district (Talara province) and the former director of the National Police, Oscar Raúl Becerra Velarde , a native of Castilla (province of Piura), for being part of the organization criminal ‘Los Desalmados del Tráfico Humano’ , dedicated to the sale of minors (babies).

The couple bought babies for 4 thousand soles to traffic with their organs or for illegal adoptions.

Both fell in a police mega operative that began from the three in the morning in Arequipa with the result of a baby of five months rescued and 12 stopped.

‘The Human Traffickers ‘ are investigated since last May for the alleged crimes of the criminal organization, aggravated trafficking (sale of children, babies) and abortion.