More than 100 children suffered alleged abuses in Scouts in Ireland

child abuse crying

Responsible in the Republic of Ireland of the organization Scouts allegedly abused more than one hundred minors between the past decades of 1960 and 1980, is revealed in an official report published today by the Government of Dublin.

“It’s devastating, I find it extremely disturbing that I received this information,” said the independent minister of childhood, Katherine Zappone, when she presented to a parliamentary committee the provisional findings of an “independent review of historical documents” by the Scout Ireland organization.

The person in charge of the investigation, the expert in matters of child protection Ian Elliott, found in these records “evidence” about the existence during the aforementioned period of 71 alleged abusers and 108 alleged victims.

Zappone said the investigation is still ongoing, so he did not rule out that these figures could “vary” in the coming months while explaining that all the relevant information has been sent to the Irish Police (Garda) and the National Child Protection (Tulsa).

The minister said that some of the alleged aggressors continue to work in Scout Ireland, an organization that, nevertheless, develops an “extraordinary task”.

“I have personally verified it throughout the country and the work it does to support children and young people and volunteers is very important,” said Zappone.

The president of Scout Ireland, Aisling Kelly, today asked forgiveness for the damage caused as a result of the “irregular practices” committed by members of the organization and although “some facts” occurred “many years ago” its “effects still cause pain today”.

“I want to reiterate my apologies and our sincere regret for what has happened, we are totally committed to learn from those mistakes and make Scouting Ireland a safe place,” Kelly added.

The president said that the organization has gone through a “radical process of government” and that its members collaborate with the authorities to “clarify this issue in its entirety.”