The fishing boat that rescued twelve immigrants will receive help from the Open Arms

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The Spanish fishing company Nuestra Madre de Loreto, which rescued 12 immigrants in the Mediterranean a week ago, will meet with the humanitarian aid vessel Open Arms, while the Government has informed that it can go to a Libyan port to supply itself.

The second on board, Vicente Sempere, has told Efe that the ship is headed to meet the Open Arms, which has left the Tunisian port of Zarzis because on board there is scarce food and there is only for the next five or six days.

“We are heading to meet with the Open Arms to see if they can help us, we would never go to Libya,” said Sempere.

For his part, the skipper of Santa Pola fishing (Alicante), Pascual Durá, in a conversation via satellite with Efe, explained that he has given the order to the cook to ration the food “as much as possible” due to the limitation of the existences.

Durá has indicated that both the crew and the rescued feel “abandoned” and with the feeling that “everything remains the same” when it is a week after the rescue of these people who were traveling in a boat off the coast of Libya.

He has reported that they feel “tired and sad” for this situation: “We are exhausted and helpless” and waiting for news about the possibility that they can get to land as soon as possible “.

The government has assured this afternoon that the fishing vessel can go to a Libyan port to supply itself and has requested the collaboration of the coastal countries “in case it is considered that Libya does not meet the conditions to be a safe harbor”.

Through a statement, the vice president, Carmen Calvo, expressed the Executive’s concern about the situation in which both the ship’s crew and the 12 immigrants rescued.

He has also reported that the captain of the vessel has received a Libyan Sea Rescue mail asking him to go to the port of Al Khums because the bad weather prevents the patrol boats from getting to the point. where the fishing boat is located and provide them with the supplies they need.

“As established by the international rescue regulations, and given the meteorological conditions, the fishing vessel should go to the nearest port, in this case, the Libyan port,” the statement said.

The Government continues to make representations to the Governments of Italy and Malta “that will make it possible to have an alternative solution as soon as possible”.

For the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), demure immigrants cannot be returned to Libya, precisely because it considers that it is not a safe harbor and there is a real risk of human rights violations.

“A person can not be returned to a situation in which his life or freedom could be in serious danger, which would be the circumstance in case these people were returned to Libya … It is not a safe harbor, (… ) there is a real risk of human rights violations “, denounced Efe the spokeswoman of Acnur in Spain, María Jesús Vega.

Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children have also pronounced that they have warned that if immigrants land in Libya they would be “highly” exposed to violence and abuse and have indicated that, in these cases, international law should always prevail to guarantee the safety of those rescued.

Specifically, Save the Children has ensured that among the immigrants aboard the ship could be two minors, which has requested the Executive of Pedro Sanchez to urge the closest countries, Malta and Italy, to “open their ports” to the Our Lady of Loreto, while claiming “actions” against States that violate international law.

From Doctors without Borders, its president in Spain, David Noguera, has considered that “the human gesture of saving lives needs, now, to be accompanied also by the political will to disembark as soon as possible those rescued in the nearest safe harbor”.

For its part, Compromís has requested the appearance of the Vice President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, to give explanations for the “absence” of the Executive in the management of the fishing crisis.

In addition, the city of Santa Pola has convened tomorrow a rally in support of the crew and to ask that the problem is solved “as soon as possible and safely.”