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Neosporin gu irr 40 mg/ml amp



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What is Gramicidin D

Gramcidin D is a heterogeneous mixture of three antibiotic compounds, gramicidins A, B and C, making up 80%, 6%, and 14% respectively all of which are obtained from the soil bacterial species Bacillus brevis and called collectively gramicidin D. Gramcidins are 15 residue peptides with alternating D and L amino acids. The peptides assemble inside of the hydrophobic interior of the cellular lipid bilayer to form a ?-helix. The helix itself is not long enough to span the membrane but it dimerizes to form the elongated channel needed to span the whole membrane. Gramicidin D is used primarily as a topical antibiotic and is one of the three constituents of consumer antibiotic polysporin ophthalmic solution.

Gramicidin D mechanism of action

Gramicidin D binds to and inserts itself into bacterial membranes (with a strong preference to gram-positive cell membranes). This results in membrane disruption and permeabilization (it acts as a channel). This leads to (i) loss of intracellular solutes (e.g., K+ and amino acids); (ii) dissipation of the transmembrane potential; (iii) inhibition of respiration; (iv) a reduction in ATP pools; and (v) inhibition of DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, which leads to cell death.

Dosage forms of Gramicidin D

Solution/ dropsophthalmic
Prescription Generics


International Brands

Antibiotic Cream


Bacillus brevis gramicidin D Gramicidin


Pharmetics (2011) Inc

CAS number






Affected organisms

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Indication of Gramicidin D

For treatment of skin lesions, surface wounds and eye infections

Toxicity of Gramicidin D

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