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Insulin Lispro volume of distribution

When administered intravenously as bolus injections of 0.1 and 0.2 U/kg dose in two separate groups of healthy subjects, the mean volume of distribution of insulin lispro appeared to decrease with increase in dose (1.55 and 0.72 L/kg, respectively).

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What is Insulin Lispro

Insulin lispro is a recombinant human insulin analogue produced in a specialized laboratory strain of Escherischia coli. Plasmid DNA transfected into the bacteria encodes for an analogue of human insulin that has a lysine at residuce B28 and proline at B29; these residues are reversed in endogenous human insulin. Reversal of these amino acid residues produces a rapid-acting insulin analogue. FDA approved on 1996.

Insulin Lispro mechanism of action

Insulin lispro binds to the insulin receptor (IR), a heterotetrameric protein consisting of two extracellular alpha units and two transmembrane beta units. The binding of insulin to the alpha subunit of IR stimulates the tyrosine kinase activity intrinsic to the beta subunit of the receptor. The bound receptor autophosphorylates and phosphorylates numerous intracellular substrates such as insulin receptor substrates (IRS) proteins, Cbl, APS, Shc and Gab 1. Activation of these proteins leads to the activation of downstream signaling molecules including PI3 kinase and Akt. Akt regulates the activity of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) and protein kinase C (PKC), both of which play critical roles in metabolism and catabolism. In humans, insulin is stored in the form of hexamers; however, only insulin monomers are able to interact with IR. Reversal of the proline and lysine residues at positions B28 and B29 of native insulin eliminates hydrophobic interactions and weakens some of the hydrogen bonds that contribute to the stability of the insulin dimers that comprise insulin hexamers. Hexamers of insulin lispro are produced in the presence of zinc and im/i-cresol. These weakly associated hexamers quickly dissociate upon subcutaneous injection and are absorbed as monomers through vascular endothelial cells. These properties give insulin lispro its fast-acting properties.

Dosage forms of Insulin Lispro

Solution for injectionSubcutaneous or intravenous use100 U/ml
Solutionintramuscular; intravenous; subcutaneous100 unit
Solutionsubcutaneous200 unit

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Insulin lispro protamine recombinant Insulin Lispro Recombinant


Eli Lilly Canada Inc

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Affected organisms

Humans and other mammals

Indication of Insulin Lispro

For the treatment of Type 1 or 2 diabetes mellitus. To be used in conjunction with an intermediate or long-acting insulin except when used in a continuous insulin infusion pump.

Toxicity of Insulin Lispro

Inappropriately high dosages relative to food intake and/or energy expenditure may result in severe and sometimes prolonged and life-threatening hypoglycemia. Neurogenic (autonomic) signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia include trembling, palpitations, sweating, anxiety, hunger, nausea and tingling. Neuroglycopenic signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia include difficulty concentrating, lethargy/weakness, confusion, drowsiness, vision changes, difficulty speaking, headache, and dizziness. Mild hypoglycemia is characterized by the presence of autonomic symptoms. Moderate hypoglycemia is characterized by the presence of autonomic and neuroglycopenic symptoms. Individuals may become unconscious in severe cases of hypoglycemia. Rare cases of lipoatrophy or lipohypertrophy reactions have been observed.

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What is Humalog?

Humalog is a synthetic analogue of short-acting human insulin. It regulates the exchange of glucose in the body, reducing its level in the blood. In this case, excess glucose in the form of glycogen accumulates in the muscles and liver. Insulin Humalog accelerates the synthesis of protein substances, the consumption of amino acids, slows down the breakdown of glycogen to glucose, slows the formation of glucose from fats and proteins.

Short-acting insulin is usually combined with basal for better control of glucose in the blood. The duration of the effect of Humalog varies in different patients and depends on many factors.

In the case of type 2 diabetes mellitus, when the patient simultaneously receives glucose-lowering drugs in tablets and given insulin, control over blood sugar is more reliable. This is reflected in the decrease in the values ​​of glycated hemoglobin when monitoring therapy. Humalog reduces the frequency of lowering blood sugar levels at night. The state of the liver, the kidneys of the patient does not affect the metabolism of the drug.

According to the instructions, Humalog is rapidly absorbed and begins to act 15 minutes after the administration, so it can be administered 15 minutes before a meal, unlike other short-acting insulins, which are made 30 to 45 minutes. Its duration of action is shorter than normal human insulin, and is only 2 to 5 hours.