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What is Iron Dextran

Iron dextran is a dark brown, slightly viscous liquid complex of ferric hydroxide and dextran for intravenous or intramuscular use. Iron Dextran is used for the treatment of patients with documented iron deficiency in which oral administration is unsatisfactory or impossible.

Iron Dextran mechanism of action

After iron dextran is injected, the circulating iron dextran is removed from the plasma by cells of the reticuloendothelial system, which split the complex into its components of iron and dextran. The iron is immediately bound to the available protein moieties to form hemosiderin or ferritin, the physiological forms of iron, or to a lesser extent to transferrin. This iron which is subject to physiological control replenishes hemoglobin and depleted iron stores.

Dosage forms of Iron Dextran

Injection, solutionintravenous50 mg/mL
Injectionintramuscular; intravenous50 mg/mL
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Dexferrum Dextran iron


Alaven Pharmaceutical LLC

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Affected organisms

Humans and other mammals

Indication of Iron Dextran

For treatment of patients with documented iron deficiency in whom oral administration is unsatisfactory or impossible. Also used to replenish body iron stores in Non-Dialysis Dependent-Chronic Kidney Disease (NDD-CKD) patients receiving or not receiving erythropoietin and in Hemodialysis Dependent (HDD-CKD) and Peritoneal Dialysis Dependent (PDD-CKD) – Chronic Kidney Disease patients receiving an erythropoietin.

Toxicity of Iron Dextran

LDsub50/sub = 500 mg/kg (mouse, IV). Dosages of iron dextran in excess of the requirements for restoration of hemoglobin and replenishment of iron stores may lead to hemosiderosis. Cases of severe, sometimes fatal, allergic reactions (loss of consciousness, collapse, difficulty breathing, hives, swelling, or convulsions) and severe low blood pressure (hypotension) have been reported with the use of iron dextran.

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