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Ferrous sulfate 28 mg tablet



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What is Iron

A metallic element found in certain minerals, in nearly all soils, and in mineral waters. It is an essential constituent of hemoglobin, cytochrome, and other components of respiratory enzyme systems. Its chief functions are in the transport of oxygen to tissue (hemoglobin) and in cellular oxidation mechanisms. Depletion of iron stores may result in iron-deficiency anemia. Iron is used to build up the blood in anemia.

Iron mechanism of action

Iron is necessary for the production of hemoglobin. Iron-deficiency can lead to decreased production of hemoglobin and a microcytic, hypochromic anemia.

Dosage forms of Iron

Iron75mg/mL250mL Drops$29.00
Pentosan Polysulfate100mg90 Capsule$164.00
Elmiron100mg200 Capsule$432.00
Cinnarizine25mg100 Tablet$40.00
Buspirone5mg100 Tablet$34.00
Buspirone10mg100 Tablet$41.00
Spironolactone25mg100 Scored Tablet$37.00
Spironolactone50mg84 Tablet$62.00
Aldactone50mg100 Tablet$64.00
Aldactone100mg90 Tablet$53.00
Stresstabs with IronnoDose100 Tablet$20.42
Stresstabs Z BECnoDose60 Tablet$21.42
Ridaura3mg60 Capsule$425.00
Aldactazide50/50mg100 Tablet$71.00
L-Triidotironin Sodium25mcg100 Tablet$59.00
Arnuity Ellipta100mcg90doses Powder for Inhalation$328.00
Arnuity Ellipta200mcg30doses Powder for Inhalation$163.00
Feramax150mg30 Vegan Caps$45.00
Feramax150mg90 Vegan Caps$104.00
Maltlevol 12noDose350mL Liquid$21.21
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International Brands

Active Fe


Carbonyl iron Eisen


Gm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Affected organisms

Humans and other mammals

Indication of Iron

Used in preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia.

Toxicity of Iron

Acute iron overdosage can be divided into four stages. In the first stage, which occurs up to six hours after ingestion, the principal symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. Other symptoms include hypotension, tachycardia and CNS depression ranging from lethargy to coma. The second phase may occur at 6-24 hours after ingestion and is characterized by a temporary remission. In the third phase, gastrointestinal symptoms recur accompanied by shock, metabolic acidosis, coma, hepatic necrosis and jaundice, hypoglycemia, renal failure and pulmonary edema. The fourth phase may occur several weeks after ingestion and is characterized by gastrointestinal obstruction and liver damage. In a young child, 75 milligrams per kilogram is considered extremely dangerous. A dose of 30 milligrams per kilogram can lead to symptoms of toxicity. Estimates of a lethal dosage range from 180 milligrams per kilogram and upwards. A peak serum iron concentration of five micrograms or more per ml is associated with moderate to severe poisoning in many.

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