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What is Isoniazid

Antibacterial agent used primarily as a tuberculostatic. It remains the treatment of choice for tuberculosis.

Isoniazid mechanism of action

Isoniazid is a prodrug and must be activated by bacterial catalase. Specficially, activation is associated with reduction of the mycobacterial ferric KatG catalase-peroxidase by hydrazine and reaction with oxygen to form an oxyferrous enzyme complex. Once activated, isoniazid inhibits the synthesis of mycoloic acids, an essential component of the bacterial cell wall. At therapeutic levels isoniazid is bacteriocidal against actively growing intracellular and extracellular i Mycobacterium tuberculosis /i organisms. Specifically isoniazid inhibits InhA, the enoyl reductase from i Mycobacterium tuberculosis /i , by forming a covalent adduct with the NAD cofactor. It is the INH-NAD adduct that acts as a slow, tight-binding competitive inhibitor of InhA.

Dosage forms of Isoniazid

Tabletoral300 mg
Injection, solutionintramuscular100 mg/mL
Solutionoral50 mg/5mL
Prescription Generics


International Brands

Dom-isoniazid 300mg Tablets


4-pyridinecarbohydrazide INH


Dominion Pharmacal

CAS number






Affected organisms


Indication of Isoniazid

For the treatment of all forms of tuberculosis in which organisms are susceptible.

Toxicity of Isoniazid

LD sub 50 /sub 100 mg/kg (Human, oral). Adverse reactions include rash, abnormal liver function tests, hepatitis, peripheral neuropathy, mild central nervous system (CNS) effects. In vivo, Isoniazid reacts with pyridoxal to form a hydrazone, and thus inhibits generation of pyridoxal phosphate. Isoniazid also combines with pyridoxal phosphate; high doses interfere with the coenzyme function of the latter.

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