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Lacosamide volume of distribution

The maximum Lacosamide plasma concentrations occur about 1-4 hours after oral administration, and the pharmacokinetics of Lacosamide are dose proportional. Food does not affect absorption. approximately 0.6 L/kg; thus close to the volume of total body water.

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What is Lacosamide

Lacosamide is a functionalized amino acid that has activity in the maximal electroshock seizure test, and is indicated for the adjunctive treatment of partial-onset seizures and diabetic neuropathic pain. Recent studies indicate that Lacosamide only affects those neurons which are depolarized or active for long periods of time, typical of neurons at the focus of an epileptic seizure, as opposed to other antiepileptic drugs such as carbamazepine or lamotrigine which slow the recovery from inactivation and reduce the ability of neurons to fire action potentials.

Lacosamide mechanism of action

It is proposed that lacosamide’s inhibition of sodium channels is responsible for analgesia. Lacosamide may be selective for inhibiting depolarized neurons rather than neurons with normal resting potentials. Pain and nociceptor hyperexcitability are associated with neural membrane depolarization. Lacosamide binds to collapsin response mediator protein-2 (CRMP-2), a phosphoprotein which is expressed primarily in the nervous system and is involved in neuronal differentiation and control of axonal outgrowth. The role CRMP-2 of binding in seizure control is hasn’t been elucidated.

Dosage forms of Lacosamide

Film-coated tabletOral use100 mg
Film-coated tabletOral use150 mg
Film-coated tabletOral use200 mg

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Erlosamide Harkoseride


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Affected organisms

Humans and other mammals

Indication of Lacosamide

Lacosamide is indicated for adjunctive therapy for partial onset seizures in patients with epilepsy over 17 years old. Injection is indicated for short term use when oral therapy is not feasible.

Toxicity of Lacosamide

In prelicensure clinical trials, addition of lacosamide to standard anticonvulsant therapy was reported to be associated with ALT elevations above 3 times the upper limit of normal (ULN) in 7 of 935 patients (0.7%) compared to none of 356 treated with placebo. A single case of hepatitis with jaundice during lacosamide therapy was also reported. Since approval, there have been rare isolated reports of clinically apparent liver injury associated with lacosamide used, but the clinical features suggested that hepatic ischemia or other anticonvulsants combined with lacosamide may have been responsible. The onset was within a few days to several months after starting and the presentation was with a hepatocellular pattern of serum enzyme elevations, one case being asymptomatic and mild and the other severe. In both instances, there was rapid recovery.

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What is Vimpat?

Vimpat is an antiepileptic drug, also called an anticonvulsant. Vimpat is used together with other drugs for the treatment of seizures with partial onset in people with epilepsy who are at least 17 years old..

Follow all directions on label and package. Tell each of your health care providers about all your medical conditions, allergies, and all medications you use. Take Vimpat exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all directions on the recipe label. Your doctor may sometimes change your dose to make sure you get the best results. Do not take this medicine in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended..

Other drugs can interact with Vimpat, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Tell each of your health care providers about all the medicines you are using now and any medicine you start or stop using..