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Lubiprostone volume of distribution

M3 makes up less than 10% of the dose of radiolabeled lubiprostone. Peak plasma concentration was shown to be around 1.14 hours, with a majority of the drug excreted in the urine within 48 hours.

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What is Lubiprostone

Lubiprostone is a medication used in the management of idiopathic chronic constipation. It is a bicyclic fatty acid (prostaglandin E1 derivative) which acts by specifically activating ClC-2 chloride channels on the apical aspect of gastrointestinal epithelial cells, producing a chloride-rich fluid secretion. These secretions soften the stool, increase motility, and promote spontaneous bowel movements (SBM).

Lubiprostone mechanism of action

Lubiprostone acts by specifically activating ClC-2 chloride channels, which is a normal constituent of the apical membrane of the human intestine, in a protein kinase A action independent fashion. Activation of ClC-2 chloride channels causes an efflux of chloride ions into the lumen, which in turn leads to an efflux of sodium ions through a paracellular pathway to maintain isoelectric neutrality. As a result, water follows sodium into the lumen in order to maintain isotonic equilibrium, thereby increasing intestinal fluid secretion. By increasing intestinal fluid secretion, lubiprostone increases motility in the intestine, thereby increasing the passage of stool and alleviating symptoms associated with chronic idiopathic constipation. Activation of ClC-2 chloride channels may also stimulate the recovery of muscosal barrier function by restoring tight junction protein complexes in the intestine. Patch clamp cell studies in human cell lines have indicated that the majority of the beneficial biological activity of lubiprostone and its metabolites is observed only on the apical (luminal) portion of the gastrointestinal epithelium.

Dosage forms of Lubiprostone

Capsuleoral24 mcg
Capsule, gelatin coatedoral24 ug/1
Capsule, gelatin coatedoral8 ug/1

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Sucampo Pharma Americas Llc

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Affected organisms

Humans and other mammals

Indication of Lubiprostone

For the treatment of chronic idiopathic constipation in the adult population. Also used for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with constipation in women who are 18 years of age or older.

Toxicity of Lubiprostone

In a definitive Phase 1 cardiac repolarization study, 51 patients were administered a single oral dose of 144 mcg of lubiprostone, which is 6 times the normal single administration dose. Thirty-nine (39) of the 51 patients experienced an adverse event. The adverse events reported in 1% of this group included the following: nausea (45.1%), vomiting (27.5%), diarrhea (25.5%), dizziness (17.6%), loose or watery stools (13.7%), headache (11.8%), retching (7.8%), abdominal pain (5.9%), flushing or hot flush (5.9%), dyspnea (3.9%), pallor (3.9%), stomach discomfort (3.9%), syncope (3.9%), upper abdominal pain (2.0%), anorexia (2.0%), asthenia (2.0%), chest discomfort (2.0%), dry mouth (2.0%), hyperhidrosis (2.0%), skin irritation (2.0%) and vasovagal episode (2.0%).

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What is Amitiza?

Amitiza increases the secretion of fluid in the intestines to facilitate the passage of stools (bowel movements). Amitiza is used to treat chronic constipation or constipation caused by an opioid (narcotic) disease. It can also be used to treat irritable bowel syndrome in women with constipation as the main symptom.

Do not take Amitiza if you have severe diarrhea. Consult your doctor for instructions. An infant may develop diarrhea if the mother takes lubiprostone when breastfeeding. Tell your doctor if you are breastfeeding and talk with your doctor if your child develops diarrhea.

You may have tightness in your chest or a feeling of breathing for 1 hour after taking this medicine. This side effect should disappear within 3 hours, but it can happen again when you take the next dose. Talk with your doctor if this side effect becomes annoying. Call your doctor right away if you have severe or continuing nausea or diarrhea.