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What is Mepivacaine

A local anesthetic that is chemically related to bupivacaine but pharmacologically related to lidocaine. It is indicated for infiltration, nerve block, and epidural anesthesia. Mepivacaine is effective topically only in large doses and therefore should not be used by this route. (From AMA Drug Evaluations, 1994, p168)

Mepivacaine mechanism of action

Local anesthetics block the generation and the conduction of nerve impulses, presumably by increasing the threshold for electrical excitation in the nerve, by slowing the propagation of the nerve impulse, and by reducing the rate of rise of the action potential. In general, the progression of anesthesia is related to the diameter, myelination, and conduction velocity of affected nerve fibers. Clinically, the order of loss of nerve function is as follows: pain, temperature, touch, proprioception, and skeletal muscle tone.

Dosage forms of Mepivacaine

Injection, solutionepidural; infiltration10 mg/mL
Injection, solutionepidural; infiltration15 mg/mL
Injection, solutionepidural; infiltration20 mg/mL
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International Brands

2% Polocaine Dental With Levonordefrin 1:20,000


(+-)-1-Methyl-2′,6′-pipecoloxylidide 1-methyl-2′,6′-pipecoloxylidide


Dentsply Canada Limited

CAS number






Affected organisms

Humans and other mammals

Indication of Mepivacaine

For production of local or regional analgesia and anesthesia by local infiltration, peripheral nerve block techniques, and central neural techniques including epidural and caudal blocks.

Toxicity of Mepivacaine

The mean seizure dosage of mepivacaine in rhesus monkeys was found to be 18.8 mg/kg with mean arterial plasma concentration of 24.4 micro;g/mL. The intravenous and subcutaneous LD 50 in mice is 23 mg/kg to 35 mg/kg and 280 mg/kg respectively.

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