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Palivizumab volume of distribution

Palivizumab is well absorbed following IM injection in infants, reaching concentrations that exceed 40 ug/mL within 2 days after a single 15-mg/kg dose and that peak within 5-7 days after a dose. Following IM injection of 15-mg/kg doses at monthly intervals in pediatric patients 24 months of age and younger without congenital heart disease (CHD), including patients 6 months of age and younger who were born prematurely at 35 weeks’ gestation or less, serum concentrations of palivizumab measured 30 days after administration of a dose (i.e., trough concentrations) averaged 37-49, 57-69, 68-70, 70-72, and 73 ug/mL after the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth doses, respectively.

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What is Palivizumab

Humanized monoclonal antibody (IgG1k) produced by recombinant DNA technology, directed to an epitope in the A antigenic site of the F protein of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Synagis is a composite of human (95%) and murine (5%) antibody sequences. The human heavy chain sequence was derived from the constant domains of human IgG1 and the variable framework regions of the VH genes Cor (1) and Cess (2). The human lightchain sequence was derived from the constant domain of Ck and the variable framework regions of the VL gene K104 withJk-4. Palivizumab is expressed from a stable murine (mouse) myeloma cell line (NS0). Palivizumab is composed of to heavy chains (50.6 kDa each) and two light chains (27.6 kDa each), contains 1-2% carbohydrate by weight and has a molecular weight of 147.7 kDa +/- 1 kDa (MALDI-TOF)

Palivizumab mechanism of action

Palivizumab binds to the fusion glycoprotein of RSV. This prevents its binding and uptake by host cellular receptors.

Dosage forms of Palivizumab

Injection, solutionintramuscular100 mg/mL
Injection, solutionintramuscular50 mg/.5mL
Powder and solvent for solution for injectionIntramuscular use100 mg

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Indication of Palivizumab

For prophylaxis of respiratory diseases casued by respiratory syncytial virus.

Toxicity of Palivizumab

Cases of anaphylaxis and anaphylactic shock, including fatal cases, have been reported following initial exposure or re-exposure to Synagis. Other acute hypersensitivity reactions, which may be severe, have also been reported on initial exposure or re-exposure to Synagis. Signs and symptoms may include urticaria, pruritus, angioedema, dyspnea, respiratory failure, cyanosis, hypotonia, hypotension, and unresponsiveness. The relationship between these reactions and the development of antibodies to Synagis is unknown.

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