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Quinine sulfate powd ultrex



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Quinine volume of distribution

* 1.43 0.18 L/kg (Healthy Pediatric Controls) * 0.87 0.12 L/kg (P. falciparum Malaria Pediatric Patients) * 2.5 to 7.1 L/kg (healthy subjects who received a single oral 600 mg dose)

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What is Quinine

An alkaloid derived from the bark of the cinchona tree. It is used as an antimalarial drug, and is the active ingredient in extracts of the cinchona that have been used for that purpose since before 1633. Quinine is also a mild antipyretic and analgesic and has been used in common cold preparations for that purpose. It was used commonly and as a bitter and flavoring agent, and is still useful for the treatment of babesiosis. Quinine is also useful in some muscular disorders, especially nocturnal leg cramps and myotonia congenita, because of its direct effects on muscle membrane and sodium channels. The mechanisms of its antimalarial effects are not well understood.

Quinine mechanism of action

The theorized mechanism of action for quinine and related anti-malarial drugs is that these drugs are toxic to the malaria parasite. Specifically, the drugs interfere with the parasite’s ability to break down and digest hemoglobin. Consequently, the parasite starves and/or builds up toxic levels of partially degraded hemoglobin in itself.

Dosage forms of Quinine

Capsuleoral200 mg
Tabletoral300 mg
Capsuleoral324 mg/1
Prescription Generics


International Brands

Apo-quinine Capsules


(-)-Quinine (8S,9R)-Quinine


Apotex Inc

CAS number






Affected organisms

Humans and other mammals

Indication of Quinine

For the treatment of malaria and leg cramps

Toxicity of Quinine

Quinine is a documented causative agent of drug induced thrombocytopenia (DIT). Thrombocytopenia is a low amount of platelets in the blood. Quinine induces production of antibodies against glycoprotein (GP) Ib-IX complex in the majority of cases of DIT, or more rarely, the platelet-glycoprotein complex GPIIb-IIIa. Increased antibodies against these complexes increases platelet clearance, leading to the observed thrombocytopenia.

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