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Gabitril 4 mg tablet



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What is Tiagabine

Tiagabine is an anti-convulsive medication. It is also used in the treatment for panic disorder as are a few other anticonvulsants. Though the exact mechanism by which tiagabine exerts its effect on the human body is unknown, it does appear to operate as a selective GABA reuptake inhibitor.

Tiagabine mechanism of action

Though the exact mechanism by which Tiagabine exerts its effect on the human body is unknown, it does appear to operate as a selective GABA reuptake inhibitor.

Dosage forms of Tiagabine

Tabletoral12 mg/1
Tabletoral4 mg/1
Tablet, film coatedoral12 mg/1
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International Brands



Gabitril Tiagabina


Lake Erie Medical Surgial Supply DBA Quality Care Products LLC

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Affected organisms

Humans and other mammals

Indication of Tiagabine

For the treatment of partial seizures

Toxicity of Tiagabine

mptoms most often accompanying tiagabine overdose, alone or in combination with other drugs, have included: seizures including status epilepticus in patients with and without underlying seizure disorders, nonconvulsive status epilepticus, coma, ataxia, confusion, somnolence, drowsiness, impaired speech, agitation, lethargy, myoclonus, spike wave stupor, tremors, disorientation, vomiting, hostility, and temporary paralysis. Respiratory depression was seen in a number of patients, including children, in the context of seizures.

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