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Vasopressin volume of distribution

Exogenous vasopressin (8 arginine vasopressin) is presented as sterile aqueous solution of synthetic vasopressin for intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous administration. It is not protein-bound and has a volume of distribution of 140 ml/kg. The plasma half-life of vasopressin is 24 minute. It is cleared by renal elimination (65%) and metabolism (35%) by tissue peptidase.

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What is Vasopressin

Antidiuretic hormone, also known as vasopressin, is a nine amino acid peptide secreted from the posterior pituitary. Antidiuretic hormone binds to receptors in the distal or collecting tubules of the kidney and promotes reabsorbtion of water back into the circulation

Vasopressin mechanism of action

Vasopressin acts on three different receptors, vasopressin receptor V1a (which initiates vasoconstriction, liver gluconeogenesis, platelet aggregation and release of factor VIII), vasopressin receptor V1b (which mediates corticotrophin secretion from the pituitary) and vasopressin receptor V2 which controls free water reabsorption in the renal medullar. The binding of vasopressin to the V2 receptor activates adenylate cyclase which causes the release of aquaporin 2 channels into the cells lining the renal medullar duct. This allows water to be reabsorbed down an osmotic gradient so the urine is more concentrated.

Dosage forms of Vasopressin

Injectionintramuscular; subcutaneous20[USP’U]/mL
Liquidintramuscular; subcutaneous10 unit
Liquidintramuscular; subcutaneous20 unit

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8-Arginine vasopressin 8-L-arginine vasopressin


Cardinal Health

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Affected organisms

Humans and other mammals

Indication of Vasopressin

For the treatment of enuresis, polyuria, diabetes insipidus, polydipsia and oesophageal varices with bleeding

Toxicity of Vasopressin

In this β-blocker toxicity model, there were no differences in the survival curves between vasopressin- and glucagon-treated pigs during a 4-hour analysis period. No overall differences were noted in MAP, systolic BP, CO, HR, pH, or glucose levels, although vasopressin treatment yielded higher MAP and systolic BP early in resuscitation.

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